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In Czech Republic, Prag, Kolín, Pardubice, Hradec Králové and also in France in region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Occitanie…

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Question n. 1
Why exactly ACS&S?
We have a valuable experience and know-how in industrials sphere.
I have been part of successfully achieved industrial programs launches and plants launches. I also reached positive results in development and organization.
I reached such results mainly thanks to my professionalism, to my reliability and to my adaptation ability.
Customer satisfaction is obvious.

Question n. 2
Which were successes?
Main success has always been to ease and speed-up communication processes between teams from several horizons in order to reach objectives and results.
I work in pluricultural environment and speak French, Czech and English for more than 20 years.
I know how to manage industrial strategy developments in standard, structured and efficient way, and this on several subsidiaries across Europe.

Question n. 3
Which are our references?
We have positives references in building industrial sphere. We work since many years with several companies. We have been reached a mutual satisfaction, and we have been implemented several industrial organisation changes within concern.
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